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    The ImPACT

    PACT releases a quarterly newsletter called the ImPACT. The ImPACT is a way for us to bring you the latest news, updates and important information.

    Come check out what is in store for the Winter 2014 Edition of the ImPACT! (Note: You must have Adobe PDF reader to view the newsletter)

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    Alumni & Friends Connection Network

    Get connected, get together and get involved with PACT's Alumni Connection Network. Our new program allows PACT alumni to network, share success stories and impact the lives of current students as well as young alumni.

    Join the PACT Alumni and Friends Connection Network today!

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    Cheryl Hurd, NBC News Reporter

    Cheryl Hurd (pictured middle wearing purple) is a News Reporter for NBC News. She makes an impact by mentoring young adults in the PACT program for careers in television, media and entertainment.

    Make a difference in the lives of youths today!

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    Stevie Johnson, NFL Wide Receiver

    Stevie Johnson (pictured middle wearing hat) is a star NFL Wide Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. More importantly, he has mentored young students in the PACT program on how to attain career success and achieve their goals.

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    The ImPACT

    The ImPACT is PACT, Inc's quarterly newsletter which showcases student achievements, staff… 4> July 10, 2013

Welcome to PACT, INC

In 1963, Everett Brandon, JD and Henry Lucas, Jr., DDS founded PACT, Inc. to address the severe need of academically disadvantaged youth in the Bay Area. PACT, Inc.'s mission is to substantially increase these young adults’ access to higher education. Since its' inception, PACT, Inc. has served 60,000 young people; over 36,000 of these students matriculating to colleges and post-secondary institutions. The organization specializes in developing relationships, cultivating positive experiences and following through curriculum for low-income youths. PACT, Inc. also offers comprehensive school-based tutoring, college advising and financial aid assistance to 2,255 students; 67% of whom live in poverty.